drs Paul van Oordt MCITP‑dba

Freelance SQL Server specialist and troubleshooter

info@vanoordt.nl - +31 627400408
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vanoordt.nl - Nederlands

A SQL Server problem? I can help you quickly.

Since 1999 I have worked on more than 200 SQL Server environments for almost 200 customers. My goal is always to help the customer in one or two days with good results and knowledge transfer. Because I do not take on full-time assignments, I am and remain quickly available for short contracts. For recommendations see my LinkedIn profile.

Performance tuning / cutting the cloud bills

Performance problems (or needlessly high infrastructure or cloud costs) happen regularly in SQL Server. Experience shows that a lot can be achieved in one or two days, in collaboration with a customer employee. See also: what to know about SQL Server performance.

Application development

I don't do lengthy development processes, but I can solve the hard problems or show others how to use SQL Server optimally, from modeling data to T-SQL programming. This can be done on the job or in a classroom training. See also my recommendations for SQL Server development and in-house SQL Server crash course.

Database administration

Setting up or troubleshooting database management such as disaster recovery, scalability, high availability, security, replication and more.


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