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Freelance SQL Server specialist and troubleshooter, Utrecht / Antwerp

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curriculum vitae

As a freelance senior specialist and troubleshooter with experience in the area of Microsoft SQL Server since 1999, I have worked with more than 200 SQL Server environments. Also because of the large number of courses I delivered I have a very thorough knowledge of the features and internals of this product. Graduated in Applied Logic relational modelling is very natural to me. Database design, performance tuning, T-SQL programming and database administration are subjects that I still very much like, whether in the context of software development, troubleshooting, advice or training - classroom or on the job.

Degree: master (drs) in Applied Logic

Languages: Dutch, English ++, German +‑

Availability: for short contracts I am usually available, the shorter (and more interesting), the bigger the chance

Rate: senior

Freelance SQL Server consultant

independent entrepeneur from September 1997

From 1997 I have worked for more than 200 customers, usually in a direct relationship.

In the past years I have done:

Consultant / project manager at TNO

February 1991 through August 1997

Mainly projects in the area of documentation and diagnosis of complex technical systems.

Knowledge engineer / project leader at Bolesian BV

September 1988 through January 1991

Mainly projects and studies aimed at the realisation of expert systems in the financial sector.


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