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Freelance SQL Server specialist and troubleshooter, Utrecht / Antwerp

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A couple of times per year I write a newsletter in which I share some interesting experiences from my practice. Subscribe with the following link: send me the newsletter.

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May 2023

  Stay on the server with stored procedures

  And triggers?

December 2022

  This is how fast SQL Server is!

May 2022

  Data compression in SQL Server

  SQL Server training in collaboration with Eduvision

February 2022

  Dealing with historical data

  Working now also from Antwerp

October 2021

  The use of cursors and other loops

  Another day at somebody's office

April 2021

  Choosing a software application, data layer considerations

  Index (de-)fragmentation, a developers responsibility

January 2021

  Lessons from 200+ applications

  From solving problems to avoiding problems


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