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In-house SQL Server crash course

Ask the expert / T-SQL for non-native speakers

Usually developers that work with SQL Server primairily have other specialisations, for instance ASP.NET or C#. The database just comes with it. As a result there is often insufficient knowledge to choose from the many possibilities that SQL Server offers, and insufficient understanding to solve structural problems. During an in-house SQL Server crash course I am available for a whole day to tell about the features and internals of SQL Server and to answer a whole lot of questions.

For the participants this means that many things fall in place. Finally it is understood why all these recommendation on the internet are made (and for some of these, why they are wrong). A day long in-house training is a very efficient way to aquire knowledge. The subjects covered are exactly tuned to the needs of the participants. To cover these same subjects in open trainings might take a whole week. It is an intensive experience for the participants (and for me) and an excellent investment for the customer.

A course can be conducted in Dutch or English.

Some of the subjects that may be covered.

database design and programming

  • normalisation and denormalisation
  • primary and foreign keys
  • data types
  • nullability
  • computed columns
  • check constraints
  • schemas
  • triggers
  • xml
  • geografic data
  • partitioning
  • views
  • common table expressions
  • temporary tables and table variables
  • set based thinking and programming
  • stored procedures and functions
  • CLR integration
  • error handling
  • transactions and isolation levels
  • full text search

SQL Server internals and performance

  • files, extents, pages, heaps, clustered indexes
  • disks, I/O, file sizing and placement
  • memory
  • query processing
  • procedure cache, (re)compilation
  • query plans
  • nonclustered, covering, missing, and filtered indexes
  • index usage
  • index fragmentation
  • statistics
  • waits
  • DMV's
  • expensive queries
  • tracing, extended events
  • tempdb

database administration

  • server and database settings
  • error logs
  • transaction logs
  • backup, restore, and recovery
  • high availability
  • integrity checks
  • maintenance plans
  • SQL Server Agent, jobs, alerts, notifications
  • database mail
  • replication
  • linked servers
  • logins, users, permissions, server and database roles
  • high availability
  • auditing

Often heard: "Let's plan another day..." ☺

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